Our Twisting Facility consist of 17,000 spindles capable to produce 400 to 4,000 TPM. Our modern Twisting Machines consist of following brands such as:

  • Murata
  • Saurer
  • Ratti
  • Aalidhra Texpro
  • Weave Tech Crepe
  • Tsudakoma

The Pirn Winder consist of following brands:

  • Lezzani
  • ICBT
  • Murata
  • Aalidhra


Qasimi Industries have 161 Water Jet Looms with capacity to produce 1.1 million meters fabric per month with available widths of 150 cm (59”), 180 cm (70”), 190 cm (74”)and 210 cm (82”).Water jet Looms consist of following:

1. Nissan


3. Staubli for Dobby weave

4. Niupai Cam for Dobby Weave

5. SS Jacquard for Selvedge

Warping & Sizing

Another modern feature of our production facility is state-of-the-art three step Sizing process. The machines consist of Automated Warping, Sizing and Beaming with brands such as Kakinoki, Suzuki and Toyota.

Polyester Digital Printing

The Digital printing is another hallmark of our production process which consist of Mimaki Digital Polyester Printing machine. This process is based on sublimation printing. Here we are able to print beautiful designs showing depth in colors on our high quality polyester fabric.